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  • The WINOX system in made up of 5 modular units that are mixed and matched to fit into almost every balcony opening - Send our CAD files to your architect early in the design development process (this makes it easier for your architect and results in a higher level of detail in the finished consruction drawings.

  • WINOX has been engineered to meet or exceed all current US building codes.  Customer is only responsible for selecting and verifying the fasteners to the floor or face of deck edge

  • WINOX is made completely of stainless steel and is proudly Made In The USA.

  •  WINOX offers a durable, beautiful railing system that requires very little maintenance over decades of use.  Simple cleaning of environmental pollutants with mild soap and water is all that is needed to keep your railings looking as fresh as they were when they were new

  • WINOX has been successfully installed worldwide for 19 years in environments ranging from direct ocean exposure to desert installations.  The WINOX system has been "road-tested" and is a beautiful and durable railing solution

  • Each WINOX railing panel is knocked-down as a kit and arrives in a sturdy cardboard box with end cap identification.  Jobsite railings are palletized for easy unloading and storage.  This saves valuable space at the jobsite and keeps the railings safe from damage until they are needed.

  • The average semi-skilled laborer can assemble any of the WINOX railing panels with an Allen-wrench in under 10 minutes.  Setting posts into a concrete deck can also be accomplished with semi-skilled labor.  A team of 3-4 laborers can often install 200LF or more of railing in one day.

  • If the standard WINOX panels just don’t work for some of your openings – we offer customized railing units.  Maximum railing panel width is 72” and customization will result in longer lead times and added costs. 

  • WINOX stainless, multi-line railing panels are priced with economy in mind.  They are an outstanding value for a beautiful, durable, low-maintenance railing system that saves time and money.  By reducing the need for custom fabrication, the overall  construction cycle is shortened and costs are reduced. 

  • Choose WINOX to eliminate the worry about maintaining a cable railing system. 

  • For ocean-facing installations we offer WINOX316 - the same great modular system but in alloy 316 and with a more polished finish to resist the elements.  Please inquire for current pricing!

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